International Canine Semen Bank of Southern Nevada

An International Canine Semen Bank is Located at Desert Inn Animal Hospital

Desert Inn Animal Hospital’s Dr. Dennis Arn sought out the International Canine Semen Bank and together established the first canine semen bank in Nevada. Having practiced veterinary medicine in Las Vegas for more than 25 years, Dr. Arn has developed a strong foundation of excellence in veterinary reproductive services. He has worked with top breeders of English Bulldogs, Doberman Pinchers, Rottweilers, and other fine breeds.

How long can a dog’s semen be stored?

From carbon decay studies, it appears that dog semen may be stored in liquid nitrogen for virtually thousands of years without loss of viability upon thawing.

What are the benefits of using the canine semen bank?

Availability of your stud at all times.

Preserving the gene pool of an outstanding dog.

Decreased health risks from breeding.

Why not just used chilled semen for shipping or ship the dog instead?

Prolonged shipping times, custom clearances, and quarantine requirements often make it impossible to keep semen chilled or to ship the animals themselves. Frozen semen remains frozen and viable for several weeks when packed and shipped properly.

Are there special considerations when planning international breedings?

Planning several months ahead is of high importance when considering international breeding. Each country has its own regulations regarding the importation and registration of litters born through artificial insemination of imported semen. Allowing adequate time to meet each country’s requirements can make international breedings possible.

If you have additional questions about the semen bank or breeding services, please contact Desert Inn Animal Hospital to speak with our experienced veterinarians.