Canine Breeder Support Services in Southern Nevada

Canine Breeder Support Services at Desert Inn Animal Hospital

Desert Inn Animal Hospital recognizes the need for providing additional support for the canine breeders of Southern Nevada. Understanding the unique needs of breeding studs and bitches as well as the neonatal care of litters encouraged our veterinarians to establish services for their benefit.

Preparing to Breed Your Dogs

Dog breeders have many factors to take into consideration when selecting the best breeding partner. The overall goal is to improve the breed of dog being raised, and everything from temperament and health to color and size come into consideration.

The genetics of the dogs being bred will determine the quality of the litter. The veterinarians of Desert Inn Animal Hospital are well versed in genetic patterns and disorders and routinely help breeders sort out potential strengths and weaknesses among breeds and individuals.

The American Kennel Club recommends that pre-breeding health checks are of vital importance in the success and health both of the breeding pair and the resulting litter. Some of the recommendations include:

Canine Prenatal Care and Whelping

The veterinarians of Desert Inn Animal Hospital can usually confirm pregnancy through palpation or by using ultrasound or X-rays after 28 days from the time of conception. Pregnancy in dogs lasts about 63 days.

Our doctors will help you determine the proper amount and type of nutrition to provide through pregnancy including any recommended nutritional supplements based on the breed, size, and age of the bitch. We recommend offering smaller and more frequent feedings to help the bitch maintain nutritional requirements while contending with the discomfort of being pregnant.

Most bitches are able to deliver puppies without intervention, but breeders need to monitor the entire labor process and watch for signs of complications. Contact our veterinarians immediately if any of the following signs are observed:

Canine Post-Pregnancy and Neonatal Care

Providing proper nutrition for nursing bitches is an important part of ensuring her continued health and the health of the puppies. The veterinarians of Desert Inn Animal Hospital will advise you on proper amounts and type of nutrition as well as any recommended supplements.

Most bitches and litters progress through the early days following whelping without incident, but close monitoring should continue to identify any complications early. Signs to watch for in the bitch include:

In certain breeds, specific procedures like tail docking or dewclaw removal are desired for the litter. Desert Inn Animal Hospital offers litter discounts for specialty services when the whole litter is involved. In addition, depending on when puppies are adopted to new families, many breeders have the first set of vaccinations given prior to adoption. Desert Inn Animal Hospital offers vaccination discounts for litters. Contact us for pricing details.

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