Exceptional Care for Your Senior Pet

Senior Pet Care at Desert Inn Animal Hospital

After 6 years of age, dogs and cats are considered senior pets. Desert Inn Animal Hospital provides guidance for owners of senior pets, as well as new technology that can prolong duration and quality of life for your aged pet.

Senior Pet Wellness Exams

Because pets age quicker than humans, early detection and treatment of health conditions is even more important. Desert Inn Animal Hospital recommends that senior pets be seen every six months by our veterinarians.

Animals in the wild hide injury and illness to avoid attracting predators. Pets have carried this behavior over into their domesticated lives, which means even the most attentive pet owner is likely to miss the first signs that a pet is not well.

Senior Pet Blood Work

The veterinarians of Desert Inn Animal Hospital combine a thorough physical exam with regular senior pet blood work completed at our in-house veterinary lab to track the health of senior pets.

Our standard blood work tests give our doctors an indication of how well the pet’s internal organs are functioning. We can monitor the balance of the body’s electrolytes, kidney function, liver function, the presence of infection, and can even detect some forms of cancer through basic blood testing.

Blood work also allows us to track any subtle changes in a pet’s overall health. Some of the test results vary from pet to pet so an animal whose "normal" values may be on the low end of the average range may still be considered healthy. But, over time, if we see those values rising, even though they may be in the standard "normal" range, we would know that, for that specific pet, a change is taking place that may indicate an issue to be addressed.

Changes in Senior Pet Needs

Senior pets have different nutritional needs than younger animals, and their abilities and energy level can change as well. However, it is important to communicate changes you see to our veterinarians, as all too often we have found behavioral changes in senior pets that were a result of health issues that could be easily treated.

If you notice any of the following symptoms, we recommend you contact our veterinarians for a consultation:

Senior Pet Services

The advances in technology in recent years have led to breakthroughs in the treatment of senior pets. Desert Inn Animal Hospital offers many procedures that can benefit seniors including:

The senior years of a pet’s life can be the most special and satisfying for the family that loves him or her. Desert Inn Animal Hospital is committed to maintaining the pet to family bond for as long as possible.