Effective Prevention & Screening for Pet Parasites

Flea, Tick & Parasite Prevention With Desert Inn Animal Hospital

Desert Inn Animal Hospital offers a full line of products for the prevention of parasites. Keeping pets free from fleas, ticks, and intestinal worms maintains pet comfort and protects both pets and their families from related disease.

Screening for Pet Parasites

Desert Inn Animal Hospital recommends that pets be screened for intestinal parasites regularly. Puppies and kittens will have fecal screenings at each of their wellness exams. Adult dogs and cats are screened once a year and senior pets are checked every six months.

Traveling with Pets

While Las Vegas is fortunate to avoid many of the pet parasites common to other parts of our country, pet owners who take their pets when traveling should be aware of and take preventive measures to protect their pets from the most common parasites.

The veterinarians of Desert Inn Animal Hospital will advise you on the best preventive measures to take for the areas where you travel. Some common parasites of concern include:

Whether your pet travels with you or is a homebody, Desert Inn Animal Hospital’s veterinarians will help you determine the best preventive measures to take for his or her protection and continued health.