General & Specialized Veterinary Surgery

Veterinary Surgery is Available at Desert Inn Animal Hospital

Through a combination of advanced technology, an experienced team, and a policy of careful preparation, the surgical abilities of Desert Inn Animal Hospital provide an exceptionally safe and effective environment for a diverse array of veterinary surgical procedures.

Pre-Surgery Preparation for Pets

Prior to any surgical procedure, Desert Inn Animal Hospital requires blood work to check the health of internal organs and the ability of the pet to endure the anesthetics procedure. Kidney and liver function are measured and a full health exam is completed before undergoing anesthesia.

Veterinary Surgical Team

With well over 100 years of combined experience, the surgeons at Desert Inn Animal Hospital are well equipped to perform both general and specialized veterinary surgeries. Surgeries our veterinarians routinely perform include:

We also have a board-certified surgeon on our team who performs more advanced surgeries or procedures that are complicated by multiple health considerations.

Our support staff consists of licensed veterinary technicians and assistants who provide monitoring of patients from the time the pet walks into our doors, during the procedure, and completely through post-operative recovery.

Advanced Veterinary Technology

Even the healthiest pet is closely monitored throughout our surgical procedures. Each pet is assigned a veterinary technician who, throughout the procedure, monitors basic vital statistics using our advanced technology including:

We use the most advanced anesthesia technology, which is the same technology used in human medicine.

Post-Operative Recovery Monitoring

All pets are monitored by our licensed technicians until they are fully awake and recovered. Our veterinarians apply pain management protocols to minimize pain, and we monitor each patient for any signs of discomfort so we can prevent pain from affecting the recovery process.

We also offer laser therapy to speed healing of incision sites and to combat pain associated with recovery. In addition, our patients recover in our recovery ward or intensive care unit, where they can be supported with supplemental oxygen or heat support as needed.

Desert Inn Animal Hospital is committed to providing the safest advanced veterinary surgical options for the pets of Las Vegas. Please contact our knowledgeable staff and doctors if we can answer any of your questions regarding our facilities or practices.