Attentive Pet Boarding in Las Vegas NV

Pet Boarding at Desert Inn Animal Hospital

The comfortable and calm setting of Desert Inn Animal Hospital’s boarding facility provides a welcoming environment for pets that need care while away from their families.

General Pet Boarding

Our air-conditioned pet boarding area includes a covered and shaded outdoor walking area and kennels of varying sizes with runs or even double runs to accommodate pets of all sizes.

Pets are monitored by our licensed technicians throughout the day, and we have staff on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so pets are never alone. Our veterinarians are always available should any health issues arise.

Cats are kept in a separate area from the dogs to avoid any issues with stress. The cat boarding areas include kitty condos to provide a more stimulating environment where cats can climb, explore, and even hide should they choose.

Medical Pet Boarding

Pets who are on medications or whose health condition requires regular specialized attention are also able to board with Desert Inn Animal Hospital.

Pets needing basic medical attention are kept in a separate location where we use a computerized treatment board to track medications or treatment times. Treatments and medications are administered by our licensed technicians, who document all care given. Our veterinarians regularly check on each medical boarder to ensure the stability and health of each pet throughout his or her stay.

We have staff who stay on-site throughout the night hours so pets are monitored 24/7, and our veterinarians remain on-call throughout the night should any problems arise.

Contact Desert Inn Animal Hospital to make a reservation to board your pet and rest assured that he or she will receive the safe, quality care needed while you are away.