Exotic Animal Care and Treatment

Exotic Pet Care at Desert Inn Animal Hospital

Dr. Vitale, our exotics animal doctor, has a wide experience base for the care of exotic pets and animals. Before veterinary school, his time as a zookeeper taking care of primates and African hoofstock helped build a foundation for proper animal husbandry techniques. Likewise, during veterinary school he spent time at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and the San Diego Zoo working on all zoo animal species from fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and small and large mammals. He has taken advanced continued education courses in the care of these animals as well.

Dr. Vitale is capable of examining and treating all of the following animals and performing more specialized care such as diagnostics, critical care and surgery:

If you have any questions regarding your exotic pet, please do not hesitate to contact the office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Vitale. He is also available for consultation on animal husbandry or nutrition problems.