Veterinary Digital Imaging for Efficient Diagnostics

Digital X-ray & Ultrasound Diagnostics at Desert Inn Animal Hospital

Desert Inn Animal Hospital utilizes digital imaging technology including both X-ray and ultrasound imaging. The efficiency of digital technology allows us to send images to specialists. We send all of our images to a board-certified radiologist whose special training allows for the most accurate diagnosis of pet conditions.

Digital X-ray

Digital X-ray imaging is superior to the film imaging technology. The digital nature of the images allows our veterinarians to manipulate these images, zoom in on specific areas of interest, and detect even the smallest of fractures in a completely non-invasive fashion.

We routinely send the images through email to consult with specialists, and we can provide CD copies of the images for client records. We have also found that the advanced technology of digital X-ray allows us to reduce the amount of exposure to radiation that pets receive because we can take fewer images of a higher quality, allowing our veterinarians to more easily diagnose difficult cases.

Desert Inn Animal Hospital uses X-ray technology for many different diagnostic purposes including:

Digital Ultrasound

This advanced technology allows our veterinarians to non-invasively scan the internal organs of a pet in real time. Ultrasound machines use the echoes from sound waves to generate digital images.

Since the images are being generated immediately, we can view the functioning of the organs and watch for things like the action of the heart valves as blood is being pumped.

Where, in the past, the only option for seeing the internal organs was through exploratory surgery, digital ultrasound has allowed us to diagnose conditions without placing the pet under any additional stress.

If you have any questions about our imaging abilities or feel that this technology would be of benefit to your pet, please contact the helpful veterinarians and staff of Desert Inn Animal Hospital.