Exceptional Pet Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment

Cancer Treatment With The Caring Staff of Desert Inn Animal Hospital

Like humans, many pets experience cancers that can be successfully managed. Desert Inn Animal Hospital is equipped to diagnose and treat a wide variety of pet cancers.

How is cancer diagnosed in pets?

Oftentimes, pet owners are the first to recognize that something is not as it should be with their pets. Because there are so many different kinds, cancer symptoms in pets can vary, but any of the following signs should result in a pet owner contacting our veterinarians:

Cancer can be diagnosed at our hospital through a number of different methods including:

What treatment options are available for pets with cancer?

With recent advances in human cancer treatments, pet cancer treatments have also improved dramatically. Desert Inn Animal Hospital uses the highest quality chemotherapy delivery system that is used in human cancer treatment.

In many cases, pets respond even better than humans to medical treatment, and it is less common for them to experience the same side effects so treatment does not necessarily mean discomfort for the pet.

There are often both surgical and oral chemotherapy options for treating pet cancer. Our veterinarians have considerable experience and training in dealing with pet cancer and will provide you with information on all of the options available for your pet’s unique situation.

What is the most important thing I can do for my pet for successful cancer treatment?

Early detection of cancer gives the best chances for successful treatment. In addition to reporting any odd symptoms to your vet as soon as you notice them, scheduling your pet for yearly physical exams up until age 6, and then twice a year from then on, is the most important early detection care you can provide.

As a natural defense, animals hide illness and injury so that they do not attract predators in the wild. As a result, pets are very good at hiding their illness. Even the most attentive pet owner can miss the signs of illness in his or her pet, making regular physical exams of great importance in pet health care.

If you have any other questions about Desert Inn Animal Hospital’s cancer diagnosis and treatment abilities, please contact our helpful staff and veterinarians for a consultation.