Desert Inn Animal Hospital’s Support Staff

Licensed Veterinary Technicians

Carlos, Licensed Veterinary Technician

CarlosCarlos is a LVT here at Desert Inn. He began working her April 11, 2013. Carlos loves soccer, football, baseball, and pretty much all sports. He likes going to the gym and occasionally skate-boarding. Carlos says the best thing about working here is the patient care and that there is always something new to learn.

Esther, Licensed Veterinary Technician

EstherEsther has been working at Desert Inn Animal Hospital since 2003!

Malcolm, Licensed Veterinary Technician

MalcolmMalcolm works in our Feline Hyperthyroid Treatment Center. He began working here in 2011 and is a CSN Alumni. Malcolm loves rock climbing and his two cats, Wuda and Bean. He says the best part about working here are the cats.

Rich, Licensed Veterinary Technician

RichRich is one our Licensed Veterinary Technicians. He started working here in 2011 after receiving his license at Pima Medical Institute. Richard also has a Bachelors that he received at The University of New York at Buffalo. He loves to travel and enjoys cooking. Rich is also a huge theater enthusiast. He says the best thing about working here is the animals and the exceptional doctors.

Sara, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Sara is our Head Technician here at Desert Inn. She began working here in 2010. She has two degrees, one from Southeastern Community College for an Associates in Sciences and the other from Pima Medical Institute for an Associates in Veterinary Technology. Sara loves cats, on her days off she enjoys hiking, rock climbing, and camping. She moved to Las Vegas all the way from Bozeman, Montana! Sara says the best thing about working here is the fast paced environment with many specialties such as stem cells, therapeutic laser treatments, and thorough dental prophylaxis procedures that allow her to utilize her technical skills to their full potential.

Brandie, Licensed Veterinary Technician

BrandieBrandie is a Licensed Veterinary Technician here at DIAH. She started working here is May of 2012 after externing here from Pima Medical Institute. She says the best part about working here is all of the C-Sections we do and of course all of the friends that she has made!

Sophia, Licensed Veterinary Technician

SophieSophia is an LVT here at DIAH and began working here in October 2015. Before working in animal hospitals she worked in a grooming salon for 5 years. She enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, shooting, and Harley rides as well as video games and concerts. She enjoys working at Desert Inn because it allows her to learn more every day as well as practice her nursing skills.

Terry, Licensed Veterinary Technician/Reproduction Technician

TerryTerry is a LVT who began working here in 2003. She received her degree from CSN. Terry is a breeder her self, she loves showing her Chihuahuas, and of course visiting her grandchildren as much as possible. She says the best thing about working here is the animals and providing good customer service to our clients.

Sal, Licensed Veterinary Technician

SalSal has been living in Las Vegas for 20 years! His interests include german shepherds, hiking, shooting and spending time with family.

Allison, Overnight Technician

AllisonAllison was born and raised in Las Vegas and was hired on after completing PIMA in 2016. She has two fur-babies of her own, a kitty named Snowball and a pit mix named Caesar, who she adopted from our Angel fund program here at Desert Inn! Allison is hard-of-hearing, but that doesn't stop her from doing the things she loves. In her free time Allison enjoys spending time with her family, reading, drawing, and listing to music. She loves all the animals that come through the doors, but especially enjoys radiology, neonatal care, and the surgical aspects of the hospital! Allison plans to continue her education in this field and is on the path to become a veterinarian herself!

Veterinary Technicians in Training

Natasha, Veterinary Technician in Training

NatashaNatasha started working at Desert Inn Animal Hospital in November 2016! She will be graduating from Pima Medical Institute as a licensed Veterinary Technician. Natasha loves working with all animals especially exotics and she couldn't be happier working with all the amazing patients, clients, and fellow staff at DIAH. Natasha's favorite of all is being apart of all the areas we have to offer and of the process to help the furry friends that come in! When she is not working she enjoys dancing and going on adventures!

Khadijah, Veterinary Technician in Training

KhadijahKhadijah is a veterinary technician in training that loves animals, science and learning. She believes the best part of working here is getting to know all the clients and their beautiful fur babies.

Assistant Veterinary Technicians

Judi, Assistant Veterinary Technician

JudiJudi is one of our Assistant Veterinary Technicians. She began working here in 2005. Judi loves reading, painting, taking her pets for walks, riding ATVs, Camping, fishing, and most importantly spending time with those who matter most. Judi says the best thing about working here is improving pet health, educating owners about pet wellness, and interacting with animals.

Porscha, Assistant Veterinary Technician

PorschaPorscha started with us October of 2013. Originally from Hawaii, Porscha moved here to Vegas in search for the opportunity to work with animals. Her hobbies are fishing, hiking, and outdoor activities. She has two "furr babies" Liahua and Kekoa -german shorthair pointers. Her favorite part of working here is caring for the animals.

Krissy, Assistant Veterinary Technician

Krissy is a Veterinary Technician in Training here at DIAH, she started working with us in march of 2013. Krissy has a Bachelors in Biology from Central Michigan University and also received a Veterinary Assistant Certificate from Pima Medical Institute. Krissy loves watching classic movies, fashion, cuddling with her Alaskan Malamute and German Shepherd. She idolizes Kate Middleton, loves Scifi, and superheros. Krissy says the best thing about working here is the animals and playing a role in saving a life.

Pharmacy Technicians

Kelly, Pharmacy Technician

KellyKelly is our Pharmacy Technician. She started working here April 25, 2007 after receiving her certification at Pima Medical Institute. Kelly has a twin brother, Pitt bulls are her favorite breed, and she always puts family first. Kelly says the best thing about working here is being involved with animal rescue.


Emily, Reception Supervisor

EmilyEmily started her career with us as a technician and has since transfered to reception where she loves meeting new clients and their "fur-babies". When she isn't working she enjoys hiking, exploring new parts of Vegas, and seeing Cirque Du Soleil shows.

Bobbi D., Receptionist

Bobbi D.Bobbi D. is one of our long time receptionists. She began working here in 1999! Bobbi loves to read and watch her favorite show, The Walking Dead. Bobbi is heavily involved in our Feline Hyperthyroid Treatment Center. She says the best thing about working here is helping the animals.

Randie, Receptionist

RandieRandie moved to Las Vegas two years ago, October 2014. She loves all animals, she has worked for 15 years in the Veterinarian field. She has two four legged kids named Momba and Peekaboo both feral rescued. She's been married for 27 years and has two son's living in Rhode Island where she came from. Randie enjoys swimming, cooking, reading and Art work. Desert Inn Animal Hospital is Randies' new home away from home!!!!!!!‚Äč

Dorene, Receptionist

DoreneDorene found her love for animals through a hamster named Schnitzels and a fish named Valentine. Growing up she became a "sister" to a stray duck found in the neighborhood. She has enjoyed being an animal mom to a Lop Eared rabbit named Gabriel as well as a Russian Desert Tortoise named Czar. Currently she has 4 Furkids and is constantly being told "No" for wanting to bring home more. She enjoys spoiling her Great Dane, Bichon Frise, Yorkie Mix, and Pitbull with toys and watching them pull out the stuffing. She is a secret Marvel superhero fan, a watcher of Soccer, and a Foodie. She also prides herself in being an entrepreneur as she and her husband own a dog-grooming spa in Colorado.

Jenny, Receptionist

JennyJenny was born in Orange City, California and raised here in Las Vegas, NV. She loves the color purple, hiking and exploring the great outdoors, and making people smile! Jenny was once a part of the Desert Inn Animal Hospital family 10 years ago where she enjoyed working in the kennel department, and has now returned to her home away from home as a part of the reception team because she loves helping people and their pets!

Desiree, Receptionist

DesireeDesiree graduated from PIMA Medical Institute in 2012 and is new to Vegas. She moved with her husband in September and was eager to start her journey at Desert Inn Animal Hospital. Desiree loves people as much as their animals, of which she has two. She adopted Que Linda Lamb Ramirez from the Animal Foundation and rescued Senora Ollas y Comales Ramirez from abandonment. They add to the dynamic which her two daughters already bring to the household!

She hails from San Diego where she got her start in the field. She spent a lot of time involving the community with Veterinary Medicine and hopes to continue to do that here in Vegas. She also hopes to become involved in animal conservation in the future. She is loving Vegas and Desert Inn Animal hospital thus far!